Can you really win something with scratch cards? I did the experiment with 100 cards

Nederlands ’17 winners per minute’ and ‘a chance of winning of 1 to 4.59’ the Dutch Lottery claims about their scratch cards. Sounds hopeful, but is that true? Who has never wondered: ‘Does anyone ever really win something substantial with scratch cards?’ I bought 100 7-klappers (a type of Dutch scratch cards) and took the […]

International stores in Eindhoven

The Netherlands is a real melting pot of cultures. Eindhoven is blessed with more than 150 different nationalities: a very diverse city! And with the arrival of all sorts of different cultures, we are also treated to new eating habits. Personally, I always enjoy this most when I’m abroad: discovering typical regional dishes. If enough […]

Culinary hotspots in Eindhoven: the best places for coffee, lunch, dinner and drinks

  Liever tips in het Nederlands voor koffiezaakjes, lunchplekken, cafés en restaurants in Eindhoven? After writing my ode to Eindhoven article with free and cheap fun activities in Eindhoven, I got so many kind messages, suggestions, questions and queries for more. I made a list and will be pusblishing more articles the coming time with […]

Travels make the best stories

Travelling broadens your horizon, both in the literal and figurative way. When I look back at my adventures in my home country Holland and abroad, I can only acknowledge they changed me irreversibly. I was lucky enough to see quite a bit of our world but of course there will always remain dreams and wishes. Which […]